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Any Ideas? Sick Pullet!

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I have 10 pullets that I just moved from a brooder to an outdoor pen. All are fully feathered. Yesterday I noted one of my Easte Egger pullets eyes where swollen, she was off balance, open mouth breathing, and wha appeared to be a runny nose. I immediately pulled her from the others. I have attached a picture of what she looked like. I euthanized her for fear of respiratory disease on the recommendation of a friend who has raised chickens for many years. Then I noticed another pullet with one eye with drainage and again a possible runny nose. I pulled her and put her in a pen by herself. I out Tylan in her water and she seems to be doing better. Then tonight I noticed another pullet open mouth breathing, but no eyes matting. I left her with the others for now because I have no where else to put her separately from the others. I gave her a 1/2cc of Tylan 50 IM. Input a heat lamp on them tonight. Anything else I should be doing to treat them? These pullets are approximately 6 weeks old. I have out Tylan powder in their water and a tsp of bleach. All the others seem to be doing ok right now. Any other suggestions? Thanks you in advance for your help!
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Welcome to BYC. I would take leave he bleach out of the Tylan water, since it may interfere with the Tylan. It sounds like they may possibly be infected with MG or another respiratory disease. Do you have other chickens other than these pullets that might become infected? Testing by your local extention agent, or talkkng to your state vet would be wise to find out for sure what is going through the fkock.
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Yes I have several other chickens on my property. I am trying to make sure they don't get sick. None of them are showing any signs or symptoms like my sock pullets. What is MG? I will hold off on the bleach while I have the Tylan in the water. How do I find who my local extension agent is? Will they know who to take the chickens to to be tested? Thanks for your help.

I would attach a picture, but form some reason it won't let me.

Also if it is MG, what can I do about it? Will it compromise my whole flock?
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This is a pic of the pullet I euthanized. None of the others have looked this bad!
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