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My chickens eating worms

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Has anyone seen this -
When digging in the garden, my chickens are always right at my feet, they will mug each other for any earthworms that turn up, they can't get enough of them , however, if an earthworm is uncovered by any other means, such as flipping over a log, watering dish (you name it). The chickens will not eat the same worms? They look at the worms like aliens! They have pecked at them but, they refuse to eat them?
This puzzles me to no end, other than the worms being cleaner, they are the same exact worms...

Any clues as to why this is happening?
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Birds are suspicious of anything different even if it is just a little bit different. It pays to be suspicious when you are on everyone's menu.
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Thanks, They will eat any bug known to man but a clean worm...

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You should hear the noises my flock makes when they come across a hairy caterpillar - very weird, but quite funny.

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