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I set 51 eggs in my incubator and I went outside and collected my hen that had been sitting on her nest for a few days.   I put her in a cage inside and gave her 12 eggs...... she pushed 3 out and let them go cold an to my surprise they were empty, she had 9 left and she has sat on them very well, hot days and all.   89*F for the past few days.   One hatched under her at day 16 and one hatch today on day 17in the incubator.  i transferred that egg to the chicken as she already has a chick from the day before.. we are on day 18 in the incubator and the eggs under her as well.  she has 8 eggs under her and two chicks   One more day and i can shift the turner out and let the eggs sit on the floor of the incubator to hatch out.     has any one else come across a chick hatching 5 days too early?

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Not when they are under a hen, no. There's probably lots of more experienced members that may well have done however.



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3 burst as they were off.....three have hatched and the smell coming from the incubator was just awful, so have cleaned out the incubator and put the warm eggs back in quickly.  We had 40*C today so just on dark we did the quick clean.  Might as well give it a shot they may still hatch minus the stink in there.  so now we have 5 and have shifted them out to their brooder for now.... any more we get we will add to it.  it is certainly worth the exercise seeing out days are very warm

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