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Well, my sunshiny day is winding up to be like a bad country song!


It started out nice, listening to island music and cleaning the coop & rabbit colony.  Here is what the rabbits do while I change their "litter box."  You can see two kits from our first litter there if you look closely. 


Then, it was time to send those extra roosters to camp.  My husband and older son did the dispatching for me.  I had heard skinning is easier than plucking, so I thought I'd give that a go today.  Off go husband and son to help setup for the Good Friday service, after making sure I was okay to finish up. 


Okay, sounds like a pretty sweet country song so far...


Skinning sucks.  Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.  It was ridiculous.  I almost fired up the scald tank and drum plucker.  But I thought maybe the next one would be easier, then the next one, and you know.  My back was killing me.  The old buffet table I use for dressing out is normally on blocks so I don't have to bend down in a weird way.  Right next to me was this car that doesn't run.  The trunk was about the same height as the buffet table is when it's on blocks.  So my empty feed bag, knives and chicken went on the trunk and my back thanked me right away.  Watched my older daughter show my younger son what's inside a gizzard and what it does.  Very amusing.  He kept some of the funny shaped rocks.  I told him he had to wash them before they went in the house. 


So the cats and dogs are getting tossed offal.  Normally, they behave pretty well, but one of my dogs was being a PITA and growling at everybody else.  Next thing you know there is a growling, barking tussle.  After a verbal request to, "Knock it off," was ignored, I kicked the naughty dog off the other dog, and the dog I was "rescuing" bit my leg as it was where she was just a split second before!  He let go right away and looked very sad!  I am so thankful I was wearing boots!  I have these fang shaped holes in my boots and a very shallow owie, almost just like a bruise, on my leg.  Luckily, I just bought a new pair of boots which I found for $7 on clearance.  My husband always says use the flat of a shovel.  Now I know why.  OUCH!  Put naughty dog on a tether for the remainder of the day. 


As I was cleaning those roos out, look what I found!!

Talk about cojones!  That knife is a little longer than a paring knife, there is the handle of a Pampered Chef poultry shear there, too, for comparison.  The hearts of these birds were SMALLER than the jewels, if you believe it.  Ladies, we could take some real cheap shots here, but let's remember this is a family show! 



Came inside and saw that the cold water was not quite covering one of the carcasses in the prep sink, so I turned the cold on and assembled the pressure cooker.  Remembered my husband needs work shirts, so I go down and throw a load in.  You see where this is going, right?  Yes!  What is that trickling noise?  Is someone peeing in the corner over there?  (I have toddlers, so you need to ask these questions).  I had neglected to turn off the sink!



Well, two dry floors and three loads of laundry later, I am babysitting my pressure cooker and getting off my feet.  "Who would enjoy a laugh at my expense?" I thought.  And of course, to most people half these things are just so weird, you can't post it on Facebook LOL


So the song goes something like this, "The rabbits is fed, I'm down three alarm clocks, my skinning knife done got dull, my dawg bit me, the dang cat ate my rocky mountain oysters, and the sank done flooded my place out."  If you can sing this like Boomhower from King of the Hill, you're getting it right. 


But the chicken is starting to smell good, the floor hasn't looked this clean in a few weeks, and that wasn't a toddler peeing in a corner.  Overall, I'm calling it a win.  :thumbsup

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good evening all!  finally slowing down enough to catch up!  It has been a very productive day here.  Got the coops cleaned, my lawn tractors and tiller fired up for the spring, got the snow blower and snowmobile put up for the summer, and best of all, I got my motorcycles out!



Im still not quite comfortable with the roads being clean enough to go for a ride yet (plus my driveway is a mud pit) so i just moved them up to the garage.  i need to clean the carbs on my older honda and tune it up.  my Shadow needs a good clean and wax but is running great!  I am sure @The BlanchRanch is ready to ride as well.


I can comisserate with you @Dandelioness despite all my productivity i was constantly telling my hound to get out of the cat food, my other pup to quit herding the chickens (she really wants to sniff their bums!) and i managed to set my one lawn mower on fire and burn my hand.  Oops! One of the front wheels went flat and broke the bead so i used the old ether trick to seat it.  that worked great but when the bead set and i tried to turn off my blow torch i didnt get it quite off.  it fell over while i was putting the air chuck on and proceeded to set the plasitc cover panel on fire.  I pulled my hand up into my sweatshirt sleeve to try and beat it out and did but my hand slipped and i ended up with molten plastic across my knuckles.  I wont share any photos as it is a bit grotesque.  I have lost a few layers of skin and have some blistering.  that'll learn me!

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My story today is not as cool as all yours...



I was watering and feeding the chicks in the shed.  My dogs were outside, kind of following me for a change instead of on the steps wanting inside.



The dogs were even jumping and play wrestling with each other.  The old one seldom does this stuff anymore so it was good to see.


I finished the chicks, and turned around to see if I had everything in the  shed done,  turn to go outside and the old dog did a playful jump. hitting me in the things dandelion's roosters use to have...Stupid dog..



On the good side for the day.. ED is not a worthless dud of a rooster, He is a Daddy today. My first PC chick hatched!  I am not sure which one it is though, I had a few EE's and some PC/EE crosses in that hatcher, I thought I would be able to tell them apart.  I can't.  I can tell the SS though,


The other hatcher with Creanette eggs has not got one pip yet.. Worrisome.   The Non-Creamette eggs are over half done now.. 

Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
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I have a chicken story.  It all happened while I was travelling back.  it involved  :ducThe Dog....   and my birds.  My Mom who has bad knees was told not to go down the hill to the coop.. but was informed that my dearest dog is very keen on the coop. Egg stealer that she is.  Mom said Thursday she would want outside and want outside and refused to leave the coop alone.  Apparently Egg Songs heralding my precious backyard product have also become Sadie's Pavlov Song. Mom says she was a horrible pain in the butt.  Peeking in the Tall window when not rifling through the coop itself...etc. 


When my Chicken tending folk came along at roost time about 6;30pm.  They opened the door to this sight:



Hanging in cords around her wings, my 8 lb Buck eye was hind-end over tea-kettle.  Fluff Butt up, head down.  A cord strapped around each wing. My friend thought,  "Oh no....MY God a Dead Chicken." Just as they moved into the coop to get her hind end down she opened her eyes.  "She's alive, She's alive!" They got her un wrapped and laid her by the water dish.  she started drinking water right away.  drinking and drinking.  Now I'm not sure what kind of raucus happened in that coop and at what time that day,  but I must say in 4 years I have never had a chicken wrap itself in cords upside down.  I think she stretched some ligaments as both her wings have had wing droop for the last two days.  A good feel up and down her wing bones, reveal no instability or breaks.  (It feels like beef bones in those wings--thank goodness)  The droop is a little worrisome though.  Did some google searching and found a figure 8 wrap for both her wings.  She promptly removed them at roost time as she got herself to roost tonight. But the wings almost looked better already....?  We'll see in the morning.  We also cleaned off the manure pile that accumulated on her hind end during her hanging. she was unsure about it...but when She was put with the other hens she almost seemed to have more swagger with her clean fluff.  She has always been a flibbity jibbet.


I will never know what happened.  To give the dog the benefit of the doubt is that the bird got herself into the mess and Sadie wanted down there and to get help for the bird.  That's why she was looking in the windows and incessant to be down there that day.  Right?  :rolleyes:

Cluckies idea for making my pop door skinnier has been fast tracked.  But interestingly enough I think the dog can squeeze through any door my buckeye or rooster can I will have to test and try different spacing I'm sure.


I think stomach virus has turned off.  I am 9 lbs "skinnier".  No body aches,fever and chills tonight.  THat's the first in 4 days.  :fl just in time for work tomorrow.

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Good morning.


I am so glad to see it was you and not Sadie that made the error, BC.


Having a dog that is so concerned about a poor silly chicken that she would try to commit suicide is a blessing for you!


After Sadie went to all that trouble to try and alert people to the buckeye's dire situation.  I think Sadie deserves a dozen egg omelet for her efforts..:lau






I have a weird hatch going on. Almost all of the "other" eggs have hatched, I need to remove chicks as soon as I finish my life giving coffee, from the Farm Innovator I use as a hatcher. This is the first time this year I have used it as a hatcher. Prior to this I have used it as a brooder.


The Creamette eggs are in the Little Giant which I have used all year. Not one chick has hatched in there.  I found one with a small pip this morning. I candled a sample of the eggs I saw movement in some of them.  So I assume they are still alive.  The temps are within a 1/2 degree of each other.   I think I am going to build a new hatcher for next year and craigslist these Styrofoam ones.



For those of you deciding on a incubator there seems to be two major differences.


The farm innovator has less head room for the chicks when they hatch I worry about them touching the heating element.  The farm innovator is easier to keep the humidity up in. I can run  easily at 50-60 percent in the Farm innovator, I cannot get above 40 for any length of time in the Little Giant.  I assume the had case on the Farm Innovator is the difference.


I had to delay taking Porter to Coffee yesterday, Judy wanted to see her new place too, so we are going this morning.


other than that, I need coffee posts to read (hint, hint, hint)

Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
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My chickies were two weeks old Saturday.

Almond- born 3-4-16, Mille Fluer brahma cross. I think she's a girl but acts/ sounds like a boy.

Night- born 3-5-16, mottled Cochin, brahma cross. I think she's a girl.

Hawk- Nights brother, born 3-5-16, definitely a boy, comb is already red and not much feathers, has a deeper chirp too. Mottled Cochin brahma

Pecan- born 3-6-16, pure buff brahma, I think girl but feathers are a little slow.
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Almond and pecan when they were younger

Night and hawk when they were younger

Night and Hawks mom, Dot, a mottled Cochin bantam.

And everyone's dad, Pumpkin, a buff brahma bantam.

That's Pumpkin and Pecans mom, Peanut.

And almonds mom, Acorn, and Spice, not sure which one is her mom. And Peanut in the background.

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Dandelioness sounds like u had a rough day with a good ending!

Bogtown glad your Buckeye hen is OK!

Ralph I hope those Creamettes start hatching! Congrats on your first PC!
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Those are some beautiful bantams you have Violet! I think u got the genders right.
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Zeus update. He has been doing good but I think he is traumatized. We brought him back to the coop after he started crowing and he runs to the brush pile every time he gets put down. Last night my grandpa saw him half way up the wood pile so he grabbed him and set him down. He went right to eating and then went to jumping at the coop door and flying at the window to get in. He will only come out when the pthers go inside. We didnt let him inside the coop so he went back to the pile. We r scared to put him right into the coop without us there so he can go back in the coop when he starts coming out and scratching with everyone so they get aquainted again before being locked in the coop together.

On a better note I put 70+ eggs in the incubator. I cant fit anymore in there. Turning each one is gonna be hard but I think I can manage.
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