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Originally Posted by duluthralphie View Post

I have finished my ordeal.

It was a long day.  The Vet showed up at between 9 and 10.    She questioned me for about an hour while inspecting my procedures and how I hatch.  It is very thorough inspection, not a wink and a nod inspection.   She inspected the eggs I have ready to hatch, Checked inside both incubators, talked about moisture levels, and what my desired hatch rate is and if I wanted to improve it or was happy with it. 

I told her I am happy with it,  I candle when I set the eggs and mark the location of the  air sac. I know I set eggs a commercial hatchery would not. I set the eggs that have floating or misshaped air sacs.  I explained I have lots of incubator space so I do not candle again until 3 days before hatching when I move them to my hatchers.  I give every egg a chance, knowing some are unlikely to hatch.  She saw  nothing wrong with that, as long as I did not mind accepting a lower hatch rate.

We then went to the hatchers and she looked at the eggs I had in the hatcher for Thursdays hatch.  She wanted to know about my hatching schedule and what day or days of the week I set. When I explained I do not have a regular day, I work my hatch days around my hatcher space. She was slightly surprised when I told her the chicks in the house would be going outside on Thursday expect for 2 of them.

She wanted to know why I would keep two in the house.  I told her they were tutors, to teach the turkey poults how to eat and drink, because turkeys are too stupid to learn on their own. She had never heard of anyone doing that. But she did know turkey poults were dumb and had to be trained or tricked into eating.  About this time a second Vet (male) showed up. She told him about how I trained my turkeys to eat and drink, She must have been impressed with that.  I felt bad telling her it was not my idea, I never thought it up, I stole it.

She liked the nurseries I had and said she was worried when I said they were in the house, but said they were excellent, clean and not a problem, but would still like me on working on getting it outside.

The three of us went to the layer coop, she said it was fine, even without the improvements I plan to make.    She then wanted to see the building I planned to move too, She  thought it would be a lot of work, the Male Vet thought it was perfect and would be a breeze.

Then it was testing time...

The Guy Vet was new to poultry testing and was here for training as I was.  We traded off testing birds and doing all sorts of gross things to the poor birds.  Another Female Vet showed up so I had 3 vets testing and inspecting.  All in all it was a great day.   I learned a lot. I got all kinds of new toys from the state for testing.   Some of the birds looked like pin cushions by the time we were done.

They both keep complimenting me on my birds and their condition. I had one when I picked it up I thought had a distended gut/ prolapsed uterus, or something. The vets looked her over real well and said while it was not normal it was not a problem, they thought it might have been a minor infection and nothing to worry about. 

EJB you can be proud of your Partridge Chanticlers! They said they were the nicest looking birds they had ever seen.  When I told them I wanted  to shave their vents, they were a little taken aback by it. When I started cutting and plucking feathers  the Woman vet told me it makes sense, to shave her, she said there would be no way for the sperm to get through all those feathers.  I cannot believe how many and how heavy the feathers were. Thank You Jerry!  I am hopeful I will get good eggs soon.

I showed them what I was doing with my Pea Combed BA's.  They both liked the idea and said they had each had problems with chickens and frostbit combs.

When we did the turkeys JJ fell in love with the first Vet. He followed her for 3-4 hors before he left her side.  At one point he was, doing what Tom turkeys do when they ( trying how to say this delicately)...   Any way's the other Woman Vet asked me " what is that turkey doing?"  

I said "really, you don't know?"

She said " well, I think I do now, I just never thought he would stand here and do that in front of all of us"...  The rest of her comments will not and cannot be written here. BUT they were funny.

I am now certified to test Chickens, Guineas, ducks and geese for PT.   I can draw blood from all of them, I can do the AI tests, which is a swab in the back of the throat in everything but ducks and geese.   The had me violate a couple chickens as if they were ducks,  so I can test waterfowl too.  I think on a real duck I will need to wear 4 pairs of latex gloves. It is just so gross!

Both me and little hatchery passed..  I am happy about that..

Now for the bad news,  I am under quarantine.   I had one hen that tested positive for PT.  A Rainbow.    We poked her over and over trying other reagents. We could not get a positive test.  There has been no PT in Minnesota since early 90s.    The first Vet said she had only had one positive test in her career. She is around 45. 

They were very nice about it, I asked "now what".   They did not know and had to check with their office in Willmar.   They gave me a choice.  I could put the hen down of draw a blood sample to sent to the lab.  I chose to do that.  Had I put the bird down I would have no quarantine.  

I am not going to put a bird down if it could be a false positive.   I will not sell birds or eggs for a few days. They can not tell for sure, but think it is just a different salmonella but there is no way they can tell me anything more than that.  They actually seemed pleased that I would chose to take the quarantine over putting the bird down.  So I have one bird living in another shed all by herself. The poor thing.

So that Is my day, the 2nd woman Vet is coming back tomorrow to pick up the blood sample I have from the bird and maybe take more from her. ( she had left before this one was tested as her dog was hit by a car, and they had to have it put down.)    Working as close as I did today with these three vets, I re-learned Vets really do love animals, I could not help but to feel for the pain she showed over her dog.

So I know she knew, how I felt about my hen. 

BTW Turkey wrestling is hard work, I am going to bed soon. I will save the Mikes until tomorrow1 

So glad to hear things went well! I have been busy all day and this is great news to bring a close to it! Fingers crossed for your hen. So does this mean you are NPIP? Or is there more paperwork and what not?
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Originally Posted by KlopKlop View Post

I opted to go with Fertrel Nutribalancer as the base for mine.  The mix will include Corn, Soy meal, oats, Nutribalancer, Fishmeal, and calcium for the layers.  The mixture amounts is different for Broilers and layers.  Fertrel provides the recommended recipes. 

I am considering trying to grow duckweed when it warms up and I can harvest some from the local park.  I would then sun dry it and try running it through my grinder and mixing with the feed for a high protein, green addition to the feed.  I also will be harvesting and drying comfrey again this year for the winter feed mix.

I looked at the mixes available from Kent and Hubbard and didn't care for either of them

Yes! The Fertrell is what we tried subbing something else for! Glad you got the Fertrell!

I've thought about finding a source for duckweed, to dry & have on hand for winter when it's hard to find decent cheap non-soy protein.

Comfry, nettles and mints I dry for the girls in winter, too.
Originally Posted by NathanZee View Post

Someone came and bought all four drakes I needed to get rid of!wee.gif  Now I need to hatch little fuzzy replacements! (hopefully hens big_smile.png )

Originally Posted by MinnesotaNice View Post

, what do you do for water in the winter for your ducks? When we had ducks before we just used those rubber tubs you can get at FF. It was pretty easy. But my coops are now about 150ft from my house. I thought about using a heated horse bucket or a heated dog bowl. Unless it's unusually nice, they won't get any swimming in but that's fine.

Do you like how I'm already planning for next winter? Lol!

I've been looking around to see what to try differently next winter, too. You've got to write it down while the pain is still real! LOL I haven't forgot to post a pic of my rottie mix, BTW, the BYC app is not letting me post photos for some reason. smile.png
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Originally Posted by shannon1994 View Post

Ain't that the truth last year I only had 3 guineas and they layed close to fourty eggs. And it was there first year I couldn't believe it but they sat out there so long. I wasn't sure they we're gonna set I guess one finally said "gosh you both are so lazy I'll do it" LOL. But some were hatching and were dead because the majority hadn't hatched yet. So I finally put them them in the incubator. 19 hatched now I have so many I don't know if I should take the eggs away or allow them to try to hatch them out what do you think.



When you have guineas, you have to wonder how they ever survived as a species without mankind to look after their lazy stupid mean arses.

Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
Sworn to protect the world from critters with webbed feet and feathers. Fighting a never ending battle to save humanity from duckbillitis and gooseyloosseys.....
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Originally Posted by duluthralphie View Post

When you have guineas, you have to wonder how they ever survived as a species without mankind to look after their lazy stupid mean arses.
Ain't that the truth LOL.
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Congrats ralphie!
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JJ and the lady vet! Hilarious!

I'm glad it went well overall for you, @duluthralphie. So did you pass the first phase or the whole shebang?

I cannot for the life of me figure out what PT means. Not physical training...poultry tetanus? LOL I am grasping at straws. I probably would have made the same call on the Rainbow.

What a refreshing change the whole thing must have been from the usual dealings many of us have had with government organizations. Or are the NPIP inspectors from a private organization? Just curious.

Anyway, very happy for you.
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Originally Posted by NathanZee View Post

ya.gif  What colors?
Thanks for asking! I got:
4 barred
5 blue
3 partridge
2 lavender
1 black
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After cleaning the coop and other duties, a beekeeping friend invited me over to help put two queens and their colonies into their hives!

It was a pretty neat experience. Since they had no hive to protect, they were very docile. He still lent me one of his old bee suits and the mesh bonnet. He is much taller than I am, so I was waddling around like a kid playing dress up LOL

After watching/assisting with the first one, I was able to silently assist him with the second one with no directions from him. I feel really good, so far about being able to learn this aspect of animal husbandry. I've done a ton of reading, but there is nothing like first hand experience.

Chicken related because the hives are next to the poultry run wink.png
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Built this door for my run today. I'm darn proud! HWC for bottom 3 feet then 2x4 welded wire the rest of the way coming up shortly. My Chicks are so small I'm not too worried yet but "chicken" time seems to be as confusing as chicken math!!!!
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When you hear your LGD run into the pasture where the cows and calves are, and she won't stop barking, and there's a mountain lion in the area......
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