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I purchased 40 birds total from Glenn, 10 in 2014 and 30 in 2015.  In addition I hatched 35 chicks in 2015 from my 2014 birds.  From those 75 birds I have a pen of black marked girls (1 hen and 4 pullets) and a pen of all white girls (1 hen and 4 pullets).  Out of that, one of the black marked pullets is close to ideal.  See pic. 

See is big, good type, well marked with yellow legs.  My second best girl is similar with white legs.  The girls are productive - the black marked pen has averaged 4.35 eggs a day for the last 30 days.  The all white pen has averaged 3.5 eggs a day for the past 30 days.

My challenge is I have no "well marked" cockerels.  My closest guy is big and good type, but blue marked with yellow legs.  My second is big and good type, as well. However, he is all white with yellow legs. 

In test hatching my pen of white girls have yielded no significant color, using the "blue" male.  Further the blue male has fertility issues (less than 50% hatch rate).  So far my best option is the All White cockerel over the black marked pen, yielding color on 44%, (7 of 16).

May plan is to hatch at least 4 hatches out of the black marked pen - hoping for around 120 chicks.  If the 44% holds, I should have around 50 marked birds to select from next fall.  Hoping for some decent cockerels!!!!

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Boy Curt,

That cockerel is beautiful!!!

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Apparently I can't post a picture..

Here is another try.

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When did your 2014 hens start laying?  Mine hatched June 29, 2015 and I still have yet to get an egg.

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Most of mine started laying between 5 and 6 months of age.  My last batch hatched on 6/16/15, I am still getting a few pullet sized eggs, most are med./large.  I do have lights on mine, and will through the Spring.  I give them a rest to molt in Oct./Nov. 

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OK, thanks.  I keep looking every day.  Getting ready to put everyone in breeding pens.  Probably this weekend.  A friend has offered to help me band them.

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Just completed a small test hatch, using my blue marked male over my black marked females.  Aside from the previously mentioned fertility issues, I ended up with two, mostly blue chicks.  Aside from being really cute, do these have any genetic/breeder value?

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To a breeder who is comfortable working with the blue gene and understands the genetics would have no problem using them in a breeding program as they will produce black colored chicks. That said, if one decided to keep the blue marked offspring and work with them, then they'd need to hold themselves to two moral obligations.


1) They never advertise blue marked stock as an Erminette

2) They never sell white birds until the blue gene has been eliminated from the flock. That way they aren't selling an unsuspecting buyer a bird that will throw blue marked offspring.


If breeders are honest and upfront with their stock and fully understand how to use the blue gene and how to eliminate it from their flock when situation allows, then I say go for it. If they excel in type and size, they could end up being useful in the breeding pen under certain circumstances.

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By the way Matt - This pullet has nice type and color. I think you'll get a lot of good out of her. She's got good skin color and very minimal black on the legs from what I can see in the pic.


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She is easily my best pullet.  Good type, the right amount of color and clean yellow legs. 


I will grow out the two blue chicks.  They will be of value to me if they can help me create black. 

Interestingly, the chicks I got from that group (blue marked male over black/blue marked females) where either all blue-2 or all white-8.  I was expecting some black or blue marked chicks, and got zero.


Also, I am ready to begin work on a standard, whenever you are..

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