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How have hatches been coming along this year? How has egg production been?


I've got two pullets that are currently laying. I've got some eggs due to hatch this Sunday with the next group of eggs to go in the incubator on Monday. I've been saving eggs to set on Monday for 17 days now. One pullet has laid 17 eggs during this time, and the other pullet has laid 8 eggs. So, one is doing fair at best, the other is doing stellar. I'll keep all posted on how Sunday's hatch goes. 

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I have five pullets (will be a year old June 29) and two cockerels.  I am getting four eggs every day.  They seem to rotate days off.  I have quite a few chicks, from a week old to about two months old.  My hatch rate has been about 45-55%.  I have quit incubating as I have somewhere around 50-60 chicks (in 4 different grow out pens with other breeds).


Only one of my hens is black and white.  The others are mostly pure white with a few faint black spots.  I culled out cockerels and pullets that had either red or orange spots.  Didn't kill them, gave them to a friend.


I have quite a number of black and white chicks and at least two are cockerels.  So holding my breath to see what develops.

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Still waiting on our pullets to start laying. They were shipped near the end of August, and are going on 8 months old. Located in the northern midwest, we are still occasionally seeing snow, and have been hit by a strong of cold-rainy days in the mid 30's.

This past week we received 12 chicks from Sandhill Preservation. I was am happy with how vigorous the group is, I was expecting problems after the shipment was lost in state. We were very lucky to connect with a wonderful postmaster who went above and beyond to meet us at 1/2 way point. Every single chick made it home alive.

Is it normal to not see any color at birth? One single chick has a dark spot on it's head, and another has a few very small splotches on it's back & wing. Very small, almost looks dirty. The rest are cute, fluffy, yellowish chicks. 

Would anyone be willing to share photos of their chicks?

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I don't have any pictures of the chicks, I don't think.  But have some of juveniles.  Most of my chicks have been bright yellow and a very few have had a spot or two out of the egg.  Most seem to develop later.


That said, after I culled the original crew, some of the pure white ones then developed one or two black or dark gray spots when they were about 7 months old.  So perhaps I did a disservice by culling as youngsters. 


That's why I am waiting this time for more maturity.


Believe it or not, I have a waiting list for my culls.  People see the adults, in particular the two boys who weigh around 10 lbs each and are impressed by their calm demeanor.  They are truly gentle giants.  They are not perfect in that both of them have a few red spots on their hackles.  I raise Icelandic and bantam Cochin and my Erm boys are at the bottom of the totem pole in the flock rankings.  They both take excellent care of their girls, but they defer to even the little bantam rooster.





These are some of the two month old juvenile sunning themselves under the cherry tree a couple of days ago.



The bright yellow (one has black spot on head) are Erminette chicks, two days old.

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What age did your pullets start laying?

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Have hatched 101 chicks through 4 hatches from my pen of 5 (4 pullets & 1 hen).  The pen has been averaging over 4 eggs per day - my 4 - 10 day collections yielded 41, 42, 42 & 36 eggs.  My hatch rate was 63%.  I had 1 pullet that laid a very distinctly colored egg that had a high infertility rate.


Of my 101 chicks, roughly 40% are marked black. (from an all white cockerel) Of those, 2/3 have yellow legs.  I hope to end up with 30 well marked, yellow-skinned birds to select from.


Interestingly, my first hatch looks to be 80% cockerels.  My second hatch looks like 80% pullets.  The other 2 are too young to tell much yet.


All in all, I am pretty happy with this group, so far.


I need to get some up to date pictures posted.

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I am afraid that I really didn't take note.  I think somewhere around seven months.

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I didn't collect for any specific time frame.  I put in what eggs I had when I was hatching Icelandic and/or bantam Cochin.  The one black and white girls lays a large to extra large egg and it is a far deeper brown than that of the other 4.  It is almost as dark as a Marnas' egg.


Looking back at my hatch chart, I am getting better than I thought.  I compute on viable eggs into the hatcher, not eggs into the incubator.  I got 41%, 50%,91%,73% and 67%.  Hatched out 31 chicks.'


A client hatched out 3 for me and I got them back. 


I quit incubating as I figured that was enough to work with.


I did break open 3 eggs from my black and white eggs and all 3 were fertile.


Now the Erm are free ranging almost every day and there seems to be a bit of hanky panky going on with one of my Icelandic roosters.  The Icelandic pens are released on a rotating basis as I am still collecting their eggs for shipment.


Really looking forward to the development of these chicks to see how many "keepers" I get.  Get lots of compliments on my adults and people are wanting "culls".  Looks like I may have 3 or 4 excess black and white cockerels to make trios out of.

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Mine started at 6 months. Since yours were later in the year, they are waiting for a little more daylight to start.
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Here are some pics of the solid blue cockerel I raised.  I am looking for advice on the best way to use him - most likely to create black.

He is 17 weeks old as of these photos.  He was raised off-site by one of my helpers.  He fared pretty well on a lower (16%) protein diet.  He weighed 5.23# at 16 weeks and scores well in the Hutt tests.  He has no red on him.  I have unrelated pullets - both all white and black marked - I can pair him with.  What do you think?

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