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Sick, coughing hen

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This seems urgent, my Barred Rock is in the middle of her molt, and sometime today while I was at school became less than healthy. She seems listless and is standing still looking miserable instead of moving around. Her crop is entirely empty, and she's pooping clear fluid like water. She wont eat. Once in a while, she'll break out into what looks like coughing, stretching out and craning her neck to her right. Could she have something stuck in her esophagus? It's rained all of yesterday and half of the day before. I'm really worried, she doesn't seem okay at all and she looks like she's about to keel over.


Edit: She threw up, mostly water, and pooped at around the same time. There was only a little poop, but what there was was bright green and stringy and drowned in water, though it didn't look to have worms. I didn't get a picture. It didn't look like anything in the poop section of the site.

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You posted about a different hen a few days ago that was ill. Is that one better? Are the symptoms in the BR the same as the RIR? Pictures may be useful for the more experienced to help you determine what is going on. Some other info that may be helpful is how old is she, what are you feeding her, does she free range, any discharge from the nostrils/eyes, have you looked in her beak to see that it is clear?

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That was about three years ago, and the RIR got better quickly, but thank you for the concern.

No, this is very different and I don't think she's got long, honestly. She's been coughing more in the past few hours, and now she's kind of gurgling with each breath. I'm kind of resigned, but if there is any hope I need to know now. I think she has sour crop, her crop is large and squishy and her breath smells a bit like vomit, and I can hear it gurgling when she coughs. She's about 4 1/2 years old, free range in a medium backyard, and on layer feed. There's no discharge from either nostrils or eyes. I have her in a repurposed cage I generally use for young chicks, with a heat lamp and a feeder and waterer, also chick-size. As I'm typing this she's slowed down some on the gurgling, and pooped more watery green stuff, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I can't see anything in her throat.

Here's some pictures I have of her situation.

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Poor girl does not look very well does she. It looks like you are making her as comfortable as you can.

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