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Hello from Florida

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 I have been lurking and learning for a little while at BYC. You folks have a lot of useful info on here. This little guy was sold has a tuxedo female. since he has filled out of course he is not a she, but I think he has too much color to be a tuxedo as well. He was mostly white with blue on the bottom, But now he is much more blue and of course he developed the rusty tail feathers. The white line does extend around his whole body. He's a charming mannerly guy especially for a quail and has been named Mr. La Peeps. So woud he be considered a pie bald at this point? 



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I don't have any buttons like that but I have coturnix like that. I don't know if they are considered tuxes but that's what I call them... Badly marked but still have the white in the right place just not enough.

Do you have any other quail with him for company? Those guys really hate to be alone . I have mine in pairs at least and one Randy little silver dude has 3 girls...its not the usual set up but they seem to enjoy it.
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Where in Florida are you from?
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Originally Posted by Halloweengirl13 View Post

Where in Florida are you from?
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Lol he maybe badly marked, but so cute and sweet. I would take 1/2 a dozen with such a nice disposition if i could find them. I am from Tampa. Yes he does have a mate. There is a little brown mass in the bottom picture coming out of the sand box, that is fidget.
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Oh ok i looked again and there she is ,I didn't notice her before. Is she wild colored?

Here's my silver guy and his ladies I think two are golden pearl and the other is wild colored.

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Cute set up. I want to do more with mine. Yes she is wild color. Here is a better pic of her.
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Wow now I am having trouble uploading pics. It was easy last night. Lol I will have to figure it out again.
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Yeah it does that sometimes. It can be a pain.
I have most of my pairs set up in aquariums. Two sets, a trio of two silvers and a white and a silver pair are in rabbit cages with hardware cloth on the outside. My biggest aquarium only has one quail , she went broody and her boyfriend kept chasing her off the nest. So he got paired up with a new girl in a different cage.

Close up

This is them together before he turned into a butthead.

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Ooooo good luck with the broody hen. I think it's so much better if the hen can take care of the hatching. I have another pair out side testing a coturnix quail cage I buit. I need to get them set up for inside so I can get the cots. But geezus they are soon very happy in thatb big cage.
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