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Please HELP

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We are new to chickens. Had them about a month. We had to the smallest one (5/6 weeks) died suddenly last night. I thought it may have accidentally got squashed. Then this morning, I found it's mate dead. A few weeks older it was. No sign of injury or blood or feathers from being attacked. They were both looking normal during the day before so I don't think they were sick. So I assumed it fretted and died. These little ones were in a seperate area to the ones below.

Now this arvo, one of my adult hens looks sick. She's our favourite. I have no idea what to do. Vets are closed for the day.
She's lethargic but eating and drinking. I've just noticed she seems very thin under all those feathers as I can feel a pointy bone protruding from her chest area.

She was laying but stopped about a week and a half ago.

We got a new hen a few days ago and it seems to be trying to pull out feathers on top of her tail area.

I'll attach pics.

Help appreciated.
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Lethargic , eyes closed and head drooping. Definitely not her usual self.
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The new white chook stands over her and plucks and eats feathers on her tail. Even scratches with it's foot. I don't know if this any help to why she's sick
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Her scruffy tail from the other one eating her feathers
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And a photo of her droppings just now
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Hi welcome to BackYard Chickens site as for your hen,


if it was me i would icolate her immidenaitly this runs the risk of not getting your whole flock swiped out with whatever your chickens have picked up. Just one question did the two smaller pullets that died and the chicken this is sick now, did you all get them from the same place?

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The two small ones I bought together from a backyard lady in town.

But this hen that's sick now I purchased from a shop a month ago.
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ok. did you have the two smaller sick pullets with the big hens?

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No seperate pen. But they could see each other through the fence
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I don't believe the young ones were sick as they didn't have symptoms like this hen is.
But I'm just a beginner so could definitely be wrong
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