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Limping hen.

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One of our hens has been limping since Sunday afternoon. When we let them out Sunday morning she was fine but by the afternoon she was holding one leg up.

My first reaction was she'd broke it somehow but I can't feel any abnormalities in the bone up to her thigh and when I extend it gently she seems fine with it.

After a bit of research bumble foot came up. Now, does that come on all of a sudden? I will try to attach a pic of the foot but there seems no obvious likeness to the pics I've seen of it. It's not red, sore and no obvious wound either.

We washed it and bandaged it this morning and she can flex her claws and has, what seemed, a fairly tight grip of my finger with it.

The only thing I did notice was when we went to apply the dressing and bandage we gently and only slightly parted her claws she tried to wriggle free and made a slight noise.

I'm hoping get it's just a sprain or strain but some advice or an experience of this would be very appreciated.

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One is before and after cleaning.
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I don't see anything that looks like bumble foot to me but I'm new to chicken keeping. I too am having this same problem right now. Did you notice that she got better over time? My hen has been limping for about 6 days now:(
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I agree not bumble foot its possible she spained her leg. Give her a few days and see how she does i would cage her and so she would rest and be able to heal.
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