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Help crazy pips????

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I got these eggs shipped to me. They are on day 21. However they have pipped holes directly in the center of the egg. Two have done this and a third one is starting. I have no idea why and what to do. How to fix this and keep the third one from doing the same thing. Well it has already stated. Here is a pic to let you see. I am worried and don't know what to do.
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Those look like a normal position for pips to me. A chick is supposed to pip at the lowest point in the air cell, which is usually about in the middle of the egg by hatching time.

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Wow ok that makes me feel a bit better lol. The other chicks I hatched pipped a small hole then almost like made a line. These guys are going crazy lol. The first one with the bigger hole looks like he is drying out. And the second one the middle hole just jerked his head and made that hole huge lol. The third one is still working on his lol. How will they be able to zip this way? And should they have that blood? It isn't a huge amount but it is some. I saw a post where the lady said that they shouldn't bleed at all. Btw I am new to this. So thank you for your help. Will they be able to get out of the egg this way?
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Before you even think about helping these chicks hatch, read this whole article.

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Those look fine. I'm still new to this but I've discovered that they can pip in all sorts of crazy ways. As long as they are making progress, they are good!

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