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Male Quail Pecked On

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I have several jumbo Coturnix quail in three different cages.  I had two males in with 8 females that I bought from a guy that had them in an outside Avery with pheasants.  I have them in wire cages now.  They have not been on lights so they have stopped laying for the winter (I live in the state of Washington).  I found one of the males with a bloody head. I am assuming that the other male picked on him. Even though all of them are supposed to be Jumbo, he is the smallest of all of the birds.


I had separated him from all of the others until his head healed some. Then I introduce another set of 4 females to the injured male and they were all in a new cage.  They seemed to get along okay.  The bigger female pecks two or three of them occasional. Which I feel is normal.  Although my question is, the male that had been pecked on by the other male always sits by himself and it his head is lowered and his rear is up in the air.  It looks like a runner in the starting blocks ready to run a 100 yard dash.  Is this normal for a quail to react like this or should I cull him and get another male to replace him?  When I do reach in the cage to gather eggs and he moves he appears to be nervous and pacing back and forth and trying to stay away from the females.


I would appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can offer me…

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Ive had the same thing happen,one female killed a bird and pllled out every feather on other birds.I got rid of her.Ive had to isolate 3 or 4 birds.

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