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OK so I have had my chickens for about 3 weeks now and Monday I found my roo dead and then I go out this am and found one of my hens dead as well. I only had 4 bantam chickens to start with, my father inlaw raises them and built me a coop and gave some of his chickens now he hasn't had an issues with them being sick or anything. he  transported them to me which is a 2 hr drive. I noticed this am that the one dead had diarehha I haven't changed there food and they always have clean water and the free range in there area through out the day and they go to there coop at night, I live in south Carolina midlands area and he is from up north near the north Carolina border. I don't know what else to do  so please help if you can so I don't lose my other 2. they were out in the yard this am acting normal and they are all out during the day acting normal so I have no idea why they are dying and I found out I gotta change their roosting limb since its a cedar limb

 thank you for everything in advance


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are you sure they are not being attacked?
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