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You are welcome to take some of my oak leaves....I have waaaay too many!

No sech of a thang!  :lau

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I use whatever I can get my hands on....pine shavings, dried leaves, weeds and garden trimmings, corn stalks, a little straw, once in awhile a bag of grass clippings during the mowing season. and any scraps that they somehow manage to overlook.  I just toss whatever I have in there and let them do the mixing, which they do in very short order!

I think I'd be a little more concerned about your ratio of birds to space...22 birds in a coop 4x8 seems pretty tight.  Do they have a run they can use as well?  Not being critical...just hate to see someone make the same mistake I did with overcrowding.  Hard to get a handle on the amount of poop they put out so ammonia seems to build up faster even with decent ventilation.  Also with shorter daylight hours they spend more time in the coop so bullying and pecking can become issues.  

Thank you for the ideas. No worries it is small ration wise for sure. Not to mention we have 3 roos but so far so good and they have a huge run with a shelter and the whole under neath of the coop cause its on stands. So far they only use the coop at night but I'll have to keep a close eye on how they do over winter :-)
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