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@IronEagle How is your drake doing?  Is he showing any signs of improvement? :fl


Thanks for asking. Yes, he's doing a little bit better. I had him on an activated charcoal flush for 2 days and now he's on sav-a-chick electrolytes. I've been separating him during the day and then letting him out to swim in the afternoon with his buddies. Although he's still uneasy on his feet and his head is still cocked to the side, he's definitely not worse so I take it as a good sign. I watched him rear up to flap his wings and he didn't topple over. He's actually been pretty lively and not easy to get a hold of in the morning as well.


I'm keeping a close eye on him and hoping the increased vitamins will get him back on track. Miss Lydia gave me great advice and I'm very thankful.


Iron Eagle