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Thank you very much. I appreciate the PM offer and may just take you up on it πŸ˜„ I guess it's crossing fingers and keeping her inside to see how it goes. Tonight is the hard one since it hasn't even been 12 hours since she got hurt. πŸš‘ I hope she heels fast. I feel totally responsible and like a monster πŸ’”
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This is probably going to be a dumb question to all but I'm wondering what the front breast area should feel like on my chicken. I thought it should feel like a smooth even shape for the breast. I was checking on this hurt baby and her breast area feels like big ball in front. Can she just have odd shaped breast, am I over reacting, or could it be something worse
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It might be her crop. The crop can be quite prominent on birds that are younger or more lightly built, and a full crop should be easy to feel. Does it feel like a mixture of water plus whatever she's been eating?
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How is she going Newcicks??
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Thank you for asking. She's looking ok. Just worry about the breast area appears to be no injury on the outside but her beast area feels funny compared to my other girls. Feels like a big ball, not a hard one. Feels like a Baloon that's been filled to the max. It's much smaller today. Isn't that something that has to do with their food/water consumption? Crop? I'm feeding her crumbles so it's not to hard for her to eat. I'll put pellets in later today

Thank you all my chicken friends. Wish we were closer to give you all hugs
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She must be feeling better. She laid an egg in the bathtub. πŸ” πŸŽ‰
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She must be feeling better. She laid an egg in the bathtub. πŸ” πŸŽ‰

I do hope she is feeling better.Β :hugsΒ However, the egg was probably already in the works before she got injured. Do not be surprised if she takes a few weeks or even months to start laying regularly again. Her body is going to give priority to healing right now. The more you can help her with supportive care, the faster she will get back to laying normally. Make sure she gets extra protein, vitamins and probiotics for at least a few weeks.

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I'm headed to grocery store now I'm going to look for something green. Any suggestions as to what would be good to get her?
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The darker and brighter colored fruits and vegetables are best. Kale and dark green lettuce are good, spinach in moderation. Berries are also an excellent source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Have you seen the treat chart for suggestions:Β


Herbs like parsley, rosemary, mint and oregano are also very helpful.

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Oh, and some lavender can help to calm her and help with blood flow. Dandelion greens and plantain can probably be found in your yard and are both very good.Β 


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