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Is that an infection??

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My hens are molting, but I also noticed some change around their eyes and the comb...mostly one of them but I've got 2 others that start to have the same kind of think..IS that a sort of infection? They're only 1.5 YO...It feels that the eyes are more isnide, but in fact, it could be that the skin around the eye is swollen...FOr sure, it's really wrinkle and kind of scaby Thank you

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It looks fairly normal, perhaps dry skin and having the molt. It would be good to compare both sides and see if they are the same. They can look pretty raggedy during a molt. Make sure they are eating and drinking well. Mine have been molting for a long time, and don't have very good appetites, so I recently switched them to 20% Flockraiser for extra protein, until they start laying again.

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Thank you!..I already switch them to the flock raiser as well...The skin is for sure different and much dryer from before, but it could come from the molting...which I was not sure...!


PS...I had to euthanize my little Charlie ( the small rooster). His feet had no strength anymore ( so he could not stand up) and his neck was getting stiff at the point he could not stretch it anymore ( not sure it's not because of what the vet did to him)....I loved him so much...never thought a rooster could be so close to humans...I should have the results of the necropsy monday.

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Sorry about losing your rooster, Charlie.

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