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small frig incubator

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I'm working on building an incubator out an old recycled frig, can I use the frig thermo to control the  lamp?


2nd how many heat sources do I need,


I will be putting in a vent for air and I fan to move the air around,


I'm new at this very new retired and not much else to do with my time, also keeping mama (my lady) from fussing to much,


for me it is a hobby much like my garden and she worries


just some info and suggestions would help





1dec 2015

had the incubator going for about 5 days, temp ran form 95 yo 100 degrees F, not sure if if that much fluctuation will work, any help/input will help.

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you will not be able to use the thermostat from the fridge as its designed to close when the temperature increases rather than open when the temperature increases. A water heater thermostat would work or a digital which can be sourced fairly cheap would be a good option.


Put a 60 watt light inside the fridge and something to measure the temperature then wait 20 minutes. if the temperature is higher than 110 degrees then one light should work (most people like to use 2 in case one fails). If one light can not make temp then try 2 lights.

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I just had my first hatch in the fridge incubator I built! Here is a link to the thread where I described how I did it;


I did not use the thermostat that was in the fridge because of the reason already mentioned. If you were electronic/electrically savvy, it might be possible but for $16 to buy a digital thermostat, it was worth the hassle. Also, if you don't know the history of the fridge, I wouldn't trust that the thermostat would even work.


I used two regular light bulbs (no idea the watts), in case one were to blow out, there would be another backup. The lights would only come on for a couple seconds maybe every 30-60 minutes so I'm sure it was plenty. Even when I had the door open for extended periods, it would only take about 30 seconds for it to get back to the right temps.


Let me know if you have any other questions!

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used the bottom thermostat that I had in my junk pile (I have a large one) got 1 bulb installed gonna do a second one later on. I still need to work on the air circulation, vent system, and humidity,


air circulation and vent is easy, humidity is what I am not sure of got to do more reading

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Humidity is a bit tricky, mine was actually way high despite not having any water in there. I also forgot about ventilation until lockdown. I put two 1/2 in holes right before lockdown and the humidity was still pretty high without water but I did have to add some. I tried just a bowl in the bottom but that was way too much.

Ended up just squirting about 10ml in through the vent holes and that was perfect. Well it was until they started hatching, then I actually had to crack the door a time or two to let some out.
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