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Diseased Roster?

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Our neighbors rooster came to live with us when he started letting him free range (he has no other chickens) and so far I haven't been too concerned as he and my rooster are separated by the goat fence that my roo can't get through. Anyway he only has one good eye and when I looked closer at him today it is covered in scabs of some sort and there is another one on the side of his head where the good eye is. Should I just take him out so he doesn't spread it to my flock if it is contagious?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks, Charlie 

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Hi Charlie-


Post some pics.  We can't tell for sure whether it is a problem or not without actually seeing it.  


That being said, I keep a strict quarantine on my birds.  I do not let any domesticated poultry around my birds that I do not own.  Period.  I would take him out just to maintain biosecurity.  I may not eat him based on what you have described, but he would likely be fed to my dogs in the absence of any overt infections.


Just my $0.02.  Take care.

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He won't let me get close to him to take pictures. He's acting funny so I think he'll be a gonner tomorrow.


Thanks, Charlie

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Better safe than sorry.  Strange, scabby birds are not OK to have hanging around a healthy flock.  He could just have injuries, but he could have something more sinister.  There are several diseases that are readily passed between birds that can ruin a flock.  I wouldn't risk it, myself, so I can understand.


Good luck, Charlie.

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