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Sick chicken

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Hey i have3 hens and 4 days ago i noticed ones foot was swollen and she was limping. She doesnt have a scab like the pics i have seen of the bubble foot.i got some oxytetracyline and have been giving it to her but now i noticed roubdworms in her poop. Any ideas of what can be going on and how these things should be treated? And should i treat the other 2 hens as well???
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You should start with a deworming.  Follow it with a bug check and possible delousing.  If you have to delouse then you are going to need to do a coop cleaning, and then re-do the delousing and coop cleaning a second time after 10ish days.


The foot?  If you are not seeing a concrete reason for the limp, then let it slide a few days.  Chances are it will go away on its own.  Leg/foot problems are frequent and often fleeting in poultry.  That's what happens when a creature is always on its feet.


Oh, and I forget my manners...Welcome to BYC. 

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Thanks for the welcome!what should i deworm with i bought wazine but read conflicting things about it? We do have them for eggs. As far as bug check what am i looking for and how do you delouse.these are my first chickens we just moved to 5 acres so everything is foreign to me. Thanks for the reply☺
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And should i also continue w the oxytetracyline the foot is warm like it has an infection. Thanks again
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You will need to discard any eggs for 14 days after treatment.  Wazine comes through in eggs, so the eggs need to be tossed- not eaten, not given to pets for consumption- thrown away.


I never use antibiotics unless I am sure there is a reason to do so.  Since you have started a course, though, you must finish the course to prevent breeding antibiotic resistance. 

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