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New quail owner

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I got 3 females and a male Jumbo Bobwhite to start but I'd like to also buy some eggs to hatch. What incubators do you guys prefer? Also can two types of quail be in the same pen or do they have to be separated?
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You can have two types of quail in a pen but it depends upon breed and the bird's personality. Also if you do mix them, watch them for any extreme aggression. Peck order fights are normal but blood, I would seperate. You could also put the new breed or birds in a smaller cage inside the larger cage, that way the birds can get used to each other without killing each other. But if you don't want to lose birds in the process you can seperate. It's probably best to mix the birds before they reach sexual maturity and make sure they are around the same age, or at least size.

Something I learned, do not house buttons and bobwhite together, the bobwhite will kill the button.

I use the farm innovators incubator with forced air and auto turn. I believe these work well, but this is the only incubator I've ever tried, but it works really good for me.

Where did you get your jumbo bobwhite?
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Ok thank you, I was thinking about getting Coturnix since I was told they lay more than the Bobwhite but I might just stick with what I have. I'm from Pennsylvania but I got my Bobwhites from a guy in Virginia. They were already matured when I got them.
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How big are they from the picture they look like standard size. But then again I could be wrong. I wanted to get jumbo Wisconsin's but it didn't work out, I couldn't get eggs
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I would get jumbo coturnix just so they are closer in size, unless you seperate them. Good luck though!
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I would not put bobwhite and coturnix together, especially if the bobwhites are already mature. Coturnix are much more docile than bobwhites and will probably lose that fight.

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Honestly I didn't think they seemed very "jumbo" either but I've never had quail before so I didn't know. I'd weigh them to see but these birds are in no way tame.
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I have had bobwhites before but never jumbo. So I don't know. idunno.gif
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