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I treated for tapeworms with zemectin gold on the 14th. This is the poop from 2 gals. Waiting the 10 days to treat again.

So I'm confirming this is the tapeworm sheddings and that I need to treat again.
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To me that looks like feather and skin material that I am seeing in my coop after everyone has been molting. Tapeworm tapes will usually move around in the droppings. Someone actually posted a video of that on here recently. There is always a fecal float by your vet to confirm worms. From what I have heard tapes are very difficult to permanently get rid of, but I have no experience with them.

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Thank you for responding. After reading your post, I'd say you are right. Those definitely are skin and feather material.
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That is good. Here is a video of tapeworm segments in the droppings:

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