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I honestly have no idea if it will deter predators from entering.  I have a similar set of predator birds in our area.  We placed  regular ole livestock fence wire on top of our kennel and affixed at it at the sides.  We didn't use hard ware cloth because we also get a fair bit of snow and didn't want the snow to crumple the wire.


You may need to lay support for the wires since it looks like you have some longer runs than we do.


Maybe lay down wire and put the pretty light arrangement on top?


In my movable forage pens I use aviary netting.  It is lightweight but i think it works because it looks like a solid boundary to our high soaring predators.  I would never trust it on a permanent pen though.  If the  rapid I "affectionately" call "big bird"  wanted to challenge it  he/she could easily win.  I have no idea what it is but i swear it looks big enough (even at distance) to haul off a short middle aged peson!

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