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I asked about worming because I also live in FL, but far north of you.  My biggest and most common issues with sick birds have been worms and cocci, both of which can cause symptoms like you describe.

The sandy soil, and the warm, damp climate seems to be very conducive to the parasites.

I'm not an expert, and there are LOTS of things it could be, but those would be my first guesses based on my own experience with my own birds.

If you haven't had a fecal done recently, I'd start there.  At least it would definitively eliminate that possibility and you can look elsewhere.

Both worming and cocci treatments are relatively simple, if that's what it is. 

Best of luck.

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Again thank you so much for your help. I will take a fecal specimen in first thing in the morning then.. it does make sense. I am just stumped??!! I put her back out with my Barred Rock today once it warmed back up cause I honestly felt she was better as she'd drank lots of the Pedialyte over the night and she actually was pecking at her crumble feed some. However once I got her out there, and thinking that they'd be so happy to be together again, DUMB ME, instead Daisy the br starts pecking her and not letting her eat each time she did try to eat!! OMG I'm sooooooo much an animal lover that I just go nuts when I see those things!! So naturally I started to cry cause I just felt so sorry for my poor little Livie!!!! I grabbed Daisy and took her OUT of the coup/run area where they live together since we got them at a week old. So I left her on the OTHER side of our screened porch the rest of the day with her own food, water etc etc. Honestly Livie did seem relieved as she was really pecking away at all the bowls of food I'd initially put all over the place in an attempt to try to get her to be able to eat SOMEWHERE without Daisy butting in front and pecking her again not letting her eat??!! So they stayed apart all day but only separated by the plastic fencing that encloses the area they live in so they could see each other and all. I went outside to check on her several times and never knew WHAT I'd find and was sooooooo nervous!! Yet once I went out there and she was up on TOP of the coop just standing there like she has always done and looking just fine??!! Next time she'd just be laying down, eyes closed?? It makes NO SENSE??!! I was watching her for a good while this evening and she'd be walking around, then stop and just close her eyes and stand there?? Isn't that just sooooooo strange???? I am honestly baffled to say the least!! I am leaving her out tonight cause it's not really cold and they are both in the nests (they've always preferred to sleep in each nest instead of the roost most of the time and esp in the winter since its warmer and cosier!!) and seem to be fine. I'm watching them via a baby monitor we have in the roost/nest section so I can watch them at night!! Lol Crazy I admit and a bit over the top but it's really helped me alot rather than have to be going all the way downstairs and outside a million times just to see what's going on in there!! Lol I was very scared that Daisy might not let her in there to sleep OR peck her.. but no, thank God she's not bothering her at all.

Sorry to be so long winded here and write you a book!!!! But I just wanted to explain what is actually going on here in hopes that maybe someone would know what I should do??!!! I love these girls to death and of course it's Livie, my most docile and sweetest chicken of the two that is having this problem!!!! I DON'T WANNA LOSE HER!!!! I'm praying that I do not!!!! ANYTHING AT ALL that anyone can advise me will be SOOOOO appreciated!!!!
Thank you again so very much and have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!! 💜💜
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Coach723... Btw, WHERE in Florida do you live?? We are in Riverview just outside of Tampa. How many chickens do you have??
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This is my Livie just standing there with her eyes closed. Anyone have any ideas WHY she keeps closing her eyes?? Not eating much either, but eating more than yesterday at least. Pedialyte given to her all night last night.
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This is a closer up of her. I don't see anything wrong.. does anyone??
I'm just going nuts here!!???
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Glad to hear she is eating and doing better.  I hear you about the vet bills.  Between the dogs, a cat who needed to see a specialist and now needs allergy medication several times a week, and the bad luck I've had with my small flock of chickens, I'm at least a few thousand into vet bills just this year.  I just have to keep telling myself they are worth it.   I'll keep my fingers crossed that Livie keeps improving.

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Have you tried treating her with for Coccidiosis?  It probably wouldn't hurt.

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Do you put the treats in her food maybe thats why she hasnt been eating the layer mash. Check inside her throat to see if anything if caught. Fel her gizzard. I personally think it is worms. Also if she is feeling really light in weight, up her protien but not to much as this will cause cannabalisim

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This our setup for our two girls!! They also go out to an enclosed run in the backyard daily for the whole day most days. However another thing.. they've not been interested in going out ever since the molt began about 3 weeks ago?? They don't squat for me to pick them up and take them out and Livie normally stands on the roof of the coup in the morning when she's ready to go out!! But she's not done that in 2 to 3 weeks either so we've left them in? This is all just sooooooo strange??!!!
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Can you please tell me what that treatment is?? I've never had chickens until these and really don't know about these things??
Thank you so much!!
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