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Day 21

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It's day 21 with my RIR eggs. I set 15, 11 made it to day 16. 10 to lockdown.

Today I have been on pins and needles, just 1 sign they are ok, is all I need.

At 12:23 I noticed I had my first pip. Yay, wrong end. Now I'm scared. There is no way my chickens is breathing through the hole. The best I can see though my bator window. I snapped a horrible pic, between the fake glass and the high humidity it's hard to make anything out.

The shell fell off at the pip. The membrane appears to still be intact.
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3 hours later, I broke the membrane. No movement or sound coming from egg. I hope I didn't beak it too late. Still no progress at all on the other 9 eggs. I'm waiting on pips and zips.
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the pencil line on the air cell was that at lockdown?

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Yes it was. I live in South louisiana so I did a dry incubation because our humidity has been really high lately. I only added water at lockdown.
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that's a very small air cell and most often when that's the case the chick is too large to properly maneuver in the shell to zip out.  i have the same humidity issues here in South Alabama but don't seam to have any issues with moisture loss during incubation, the incubator typically runs about 45%, what was your RH during the first 18 days?


the malposition you have you did what's recommended by opening the membrane for an airway, all you can do now is wait.

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The humidity has been over 70 since I started. I wasn't even sure I should add water at lockdown. But I did.
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if that was an accurate reading then no you shouldn't of added.


depending on where you keep your incubator at you can run the AC (if you have one where it's kept) for 15 min a few times a day to draw the moisture out of the room.   otherwise you might want to look around at some of the local thrift / goodwill stores for a dehumidifier to run near the incubator.

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First pip is out. 9:09 am. I can hear others peeping but no other pips. 1 of 10 on day 22.
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