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Incubator knocked off by cat

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I had 38 eggs in the incubator that were supposed to go lockdown tomorrow night. The bedroom door was left open and my daughtors cat jumped up on the incubator and knocked it off the dresser. OMG what a oozy bloody mess. I picked through them and salvaged about 9 that were not broken and about another 9 that were cracked up but the chicks were moving a bit and the air cells were intact. I dont expect any of them to live long enough to hatch but I have to try especially since lockdown was supposed to start tomorrow. It was a batch of naked necks and olives.😭
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SICK!  How disappointing!  I so sorry!  


CAT!!  :rant


Fingers crossed that some make it! :fl

"When raising chickens you must think like a chicken...NOT like a human!" 



"When raising chickens you must think like a chicken...NOT like a human!" 


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Perhaps the uncracked eggs can be salvaged and hatched....boy that cat would be in trouble over here...
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Let me tell ya...I could ring her neck. Ive been so careful every since I set that room up back for my first hatch in september and Im so mad at myself. I just hope the little guys are tough. I may wait till wed. to lock them down now ...that will be day 19 to give them a chance to settle or die...oh im just sick. Thanks for the finger crossing, they need it.
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I'm terribly sorry... I really hope they can tough it out.
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Well guys, I came home from work and candled some of the worst broken eggs...its been almost 24 hours and the 3 I candled had baby chicks moving around...air cells looked spot on. Im supposed to lock them down tonight but am going to wait until tomorrow since they were just dumped last night. I couldnt believe what I was seeing when they moved but omg we have a long way to go and they still could not make it.
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If they are still fine and unharmed, I would continue with lockdown as scheduled. Waiting longer is just complicating things further. Please don't be TOO upset with your cat. I'm sure she was just being curious. Anyway, I also have my fingers crossed for you!
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:fl Good luck!

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Today was day 20 on my "cat dumped & broke" eggs.I took the advice from LeafBlade12345(thank you) and went ahead with lockdown of aalvaged eggs...When we got home this evening there was a loud peeping coming from one of the badly broken eggs, it has just hatched and is such a pretty little thing BUT...its little belly does not look as closed as it should be but almost so I put it in a cup to keep it from moving and straining in hopes it will be ok and I saw another of the really bad cracked eggs moving. Boy this is nerve wracking.
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We're all hoping & praying, keep us posted as to the developing hatch.  

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