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And I will let you know ahead of time:)
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Originally Posted by BDRanch View Post

First shipment on ebay -- sent 16 to Texas and six were broken.  UGH.  I'm going to ship him some replacements, but w/ the extra shipping, hard to make it worthwhile! Hoping the other shipment arrived intact!

I don't know how you packed them but there are some pretty proven methods that help eliminate breakage even on roughly handled boxes... Of course even if you eliminate breakage you still run the risk of them getting scrambled if the package is handled rough...

I prefer people don't mark them as fragile or eggs, no need to make it stand out as they honestly won't handle it any different since a vast majority of the sorting is done by machines nowadays... Also I had one instance where someone at the local post office 'panicked' when they saw it was eggs and not marked to 'hold' at the post office for pickup (like many people do) and because of that panic the carrier said it almost didn't make it into her truck that day for delivery, so it could have resulted in two day delay since that package arrived on a Saturday, and thus could have been pushed to a Monday delivery...
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I packed each egg in bubble wrap, then lined the box w/ bubble wrap and some packing paper on the bottom, sides and top.  I didn't have Styrofoam peanuts to use, but I guess I'll buy some -- seems like the bubble wrapped eggs (w/ bubbles to the inside) and peanuts are the best method.

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I was the 2nd shipment from BDRanch and was thrilled. As I PM'd all 15 eggs arrived safe and sound and were wrapped like she was shipping million dollar fabergé eggs. I felt like a kid at Christmas when you're so excited that you just want to tear open the gift, but your mom purposely wrapped it with half a roll of tape. Then regardless of what it was she would say, "you better slow might be breakable."

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Oh, thanks a million!! BTW, the two w/o dates written on them I plucked out of the nesting boxes early that morning.  :yiipchick

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Well I'm still in the chicken discriminating motel counting down the days until I can request my eggs from BDRanch. It's torture not having chickens with me.
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HA !!! Headed to Whiting Farms on 3/23 to pick up 100 chicks ...

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What color are the eggs?  They look greenish-blue to me.

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So glad you asked! I meant to post something yesterday and ran out of time (work was crazy yesterday!).  There is NO GREEN to them.  I have EEs and there's a marked difference in the appearance.  That said, I want to share the feedback I've received from four customers who have purchased eggs thus far (the remainder are in my incubators):


- Ebay buyer # 1 -- "beautiful eggs"

- Ebay buyer #2 - she posted pictures of her eggs on this forum so you can see what she wrote ... (very positive)

- Buyer #3 (local) - loved the eggs -- thought they were really nice

- Buyer # 4 (inquiry from this forum) - thought the eggs looked "almost white" 


So -- there you have it.  These birds are only 7-8 months old.  Dr. Whiting's research assistant advised they (meaning, the eggs) would get darker as the birds got a little older.  I've seen a few darker ones in the mix, but they are a light blue.  To me, they are not anything close to white, and three other buyers agreed.  I have some 1.5 year old EE  and Ameraucana hens in a pen w/ my EE rooster.  Some of their eggs look just like the Whitings, and some are a darker shade of blue/green, w/ the emphasis on green.


I'm happy to ship these eggs for $35/dozen plus shipping, but I hate for people to be disappointed in the color.  You won't get a box of emu-colored eggs, that's for sure.  They are definitely blue, but LIGHT blue (they look like Cream Legbar eggs to me, but bigger) and I cannot verify - at this time - if they will darken as this is my first foray into this breed. 

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Thank you for the information.  It was helpful.  Bought some lavender ameraucana eggs there were actually blue.  First time I received eggs described as blue that actually WERE  blue :)  Hoping the Whiting's are too as I purchased several dozen chicks.  I think I almost bid on your auction not very long ago, but couldn't get to the putor in time.  Worked out anyway, and congrats on your sale(s)!!

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