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Should I be concerned?

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I noticed an eye issue today with one of my Gold Sex Links. She's keeping her eyelid closed on 1 eye. There's no drainage or lesions. I think she's having trouble seeing because she is just standing in one spot and didn't come when I put a new flock block out. She looks healthy otherwise. Advice please...
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It is both eyes. She's very quiet, standing in one spot. She usually doesn't like to be held, but didn't fight me when I picked her up.
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How old is she? Is she having any symptoms of coccidiosis, such as lethargy, puffed up or hunched posture, diarrhea, and refusing to eat? Many chickens will just sit with their eyes closed when they are sick. That can be treated with Corid (amprollium) in the water.


Can you open her eyes to check if there is any color change, change in the size or shape of the black pupils, or for any cloudiness in the eye? Sometimes they can get things in the eyes or they can get stuck together with excessive tears. Is she able to walk if you stand her up? Do you have any strong ammonia odor, dusty conditions or dusty feed in the coop? Here are a couple of good articles to read about eye problems:

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