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Chicks shaking their heads

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My chicks that are 6-8 weeks old shake their head all the time and i have notice a few sneezes. I'm not sure if the sneezes are a flu/cold or if it is water, dirt or chick starter food up their nose. They don't have a runny nose. I have just wormed them also. Are they in need of antibiotics or some extra vitamins. I'm in Australia and the temps are 33 degrees celcius daytime and low 20's nights.
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It could be something or nothing. I'd suggest adding vitamin supplements / electrolytes to their water and see how that goes for a week or so before trying antibiotics - it may be something other than bacterial. The vitamins should help give their immune system a boost, so it should help them get over whatever it is. As long as they are fine and healthy in every other way (eating, drinking and acting normally) then i personally just let their bodies deal with it. 


This is just based on my experience - I'm sure other members will offer other advice - go with what feels right to you.


All the best


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Could it be lice. I can't see any but they appear annoyed by something. They eat WELL (like piggies actually) and drink fine.
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Are they scratching their heads excessively? If you can't see any evidence of mites / lice then maybe not. 


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Yes the do scratch a bit.
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I have some lice/mite dust will do them this afternoon as it is a 2 person job. 😳😁
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My chicks tended to shake their heads often when they were growing in their new feathers. I wouldn't put lice powder on them, unless I visually could see evidence of lice, eggs, or mites. Here are some pictures of what to look for, and they are better seen near the vent, around the neck, and under wings, depending on the kind of lice.


Figure 1  Figure 2  

lice eggs                                                  feather mites



Mites5  Northern fowl mites feeding on poultry. From: 'Common Lice and Mites of Poultry: Identification and Treatment.' ©U.C. Regents. For the complete publication, go to link:

mites                                                                                       mites

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Thankyou for your help.  I cannot see anything like this. They look nice and clean to me,

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