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I took one of my chickens to the vets about a 3 weeks ago as she has sour crop and diarrhea. The vet said that she had something where the eggs during production had gone down the wrong way and has become foul. He gave her 4 injections in the space of 2 weeks and we also gave her some friendly bacteria. However she has now got sour crop again and looks like diarrhea is still there. I am going to have to isolate her again. What can i do? Is there a diet i need to put her on? I really need help i dont want to loose her?

please reply ASAP

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It sounds like she may be laying internally or have egg yolk peritonitis. The sour crop could be happening from crop stasis, a condition that causes a slowdown during an illness. There is no cure for those things, but the antibiotics can help to prolong life. Since she has sour crop, she probably needs probiotics or plain yogurt daily, and lots of water. There may come a point where it would be easier to put her down, and prevent suffering. Here are a couple of articles to read about egg peritonitis and crop problems: 

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ok thanks. Is there nothing i can do to cure it? Will she die?

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If she has internal laying, and that sounds like what your vet was describing, about the only things that could be done would be spaying her or hormone implants, which for most of us, are too expensive for a chicken. Most people try to make them comfortable, give them food feed with probiotics, and let them live out their lives. Some may develop water belly or ascites, and those can be helped by occasional removal of fluid from the lower abdomen with an 18 gauge needle. Ascites causes the lower belly to look very big and tight. Internal layers may not eat well, not lay well, and may have trouble getting around, preferring to sot in one spot.

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ok, yeh i have been trying to drain her my massaging it out. Is there a better way to do it?

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Here is a good thread about ascites, and look at post # 4 especially:

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