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Out of all the colours of orpingtons is the buff the best
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I've heard they are really good Momas but I have five and not a one has gone broody in nearly a year
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I think that there is a world of difference between birds that have hatchery influence and lines that have been kept by dedicated breeders. I have found the hatchery BOs to be very inconsistent, poor layers, bad attitudes, not dedicated enough as a broody to actually raise chicks, just broody enough to quit laying and be aggravating. Based on all of the stories that people have about sweet natured good layers that raise chicks and have laid back roosters that grow well, I can't help but think this is a case of "color bred homogenized hatchery birds" versus the real deal, as all of mine have come from three different hatcheries and a couple of feed stores. The colors besides buff might have a better chance of not being tainted with hatchery stock.

NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
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My orps arnt hatchery I think it's because they are smart they know there hasn't been a roo with them so they know not to waste their time... They lay everyday though or atleast most less now that it's cold
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