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Any update here?

My hen tolerated the chicks for over 24 hours.  All were alive - the chicks were happy but the hen didn't seem to be adopting them.  After about 30 hours, I tried to move all to a better brooding area, outside of the nesting box.  The hen was very distracted with scratching - she was not attached to the chicks - and really wanted to go back to her nesting box. 

I figured her hormones were not set in right, and I am brooding the chicks without her, as originally intended.  She was not upset that the chicks disappeared. The chicks still seem pretty happy in the brooder. 

 I have my hen in the hen brooding area and bought some ceramic eggs.  So far, she wants to go back to her old nesting area. I'd rather avoid a broody hen in a communal nesting box (too many broken eggs last time).  Hopefully she will either accept the new location or the isolation will break her broodiness.  

I guess only time will tell.