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You can give undiluted liquid Corid at 0.1 ml per pound

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You can incinerate a carcass, which is probably the best thing when an infectious disease is suspected. I have had one die during a snowstorm, and just placed the body far away from my chicken area, and the turkey buzzards took care of the remains. When you speak to the state vet, you might say that you wonder if it could be avian flu, and in some states where it is a problem, they will sometimes check for free. Coccidiosis can cause symptoms sometimes that look like Mareks. I hope she responds to the Corid. It should be mixed daily in plain water. Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid Corid, or 1.5 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days.

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So after two days things aren't getting better. Chicken is having worsening diarrhea. The coccidiosis med is two days in without improvement. After tomorrow I work for a week. If it's not improved I may just call it. So my question is if this is mareks what does that mean for the rest of my chickens? Wait and see?
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That's the good thing about getting a necropsy, it can save a lot of worry if it's not Mareks. If she has Mareks, then they have been exposed, but may or may not get the disease. Hopefully, it is not that. I would give some concentrated Corid to her in case she hasn't taken enough, and continue the medicine in the water for 5 days. Sorry that this is happening.

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I have been giving it in a concentrated fashion. It is not eating drinking at this point unless forced to or through a syringe. So have been drawing it up in a syringe and giving it that way.
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