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One thing to consider when integrating these youngsters with the rest of your birds...there are several strains of the cocci protozoa and it is very possible they could have a strain of coccidia that is new to your other birds and therefore they will not be resistant to.  So when you do integrate just keep a close eye on everybody because it also goes the other way, these chicks you just treated may also encounter a strain new to them once they hit the ground with the rest of the flock.  Once everybody has been moved in and integrated for a while they'll develop resistance to what is in their environment and then you should be fine.   Some people treat preventatively when new birds are brought in or when birds are moved to new property to prevent an outbreak.  Given how lethal coccidiosis can be in a short time I think it's a good idea and certainly does no harm.

I hatched this batch myself so I hope that it's an all in the family deal.....