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I am 80% sure I am going to get ducks this spring. I have looked into a few different breeds and I really like the Indian runner ducks and white pekin. I have a family of 10 and there are quite a few small children that would be playing with the ducks so I need a friendly breed and I also would like them to be moderately quiet. What kinds of ducks would you recommend?

Indian Runners in my opinion are great ducks. They're the only breed I raise and my favorite. They are quiet unless they feel threatened, naturally flightless, great egg layers. Average hen laying 300 eggs a year. Some people that are allergic to chicken eggs can have duck eggs, duck eggs are also really creamy since they're really nutrient rich. Indian Runners have 8 colors recognized by the American Poultry Association. They are: Fawn & White, Buff, Chocolate, White, Blue, Black, Gray (mallard color), and Penciled. They're the only duck that can run which helps with little kids chasing them they can run enough to try and keep away if needed. My ducks will run if you chase but can be picked up if walked to or called to come. They know their names and are trained like dogs. Also Runner ducks can stand straight up. Indian Runners have been used for eggs, pest control in fields, and used to train herding dogs since they can run. This is why I like the Runner ducks.

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I have all mixed breed ducks, two Runner cross, one Sweedish Black cross and one Kahki Campbell cross. The two runner girls are actually the noisiest, one of them quacks loudly and one of them kind of has a honking quack, but theyre both quite loud. The Sweedish black is a little loud and the Kahki Campbell is super quiet and a really good mum, so goes broody very quickly.

The best thing with getting friendly ducks is raising them from a young age (1 week or less if youre buying ducklings.) My hand raised ducks are super friendly, even when theyre broody they wont hiss if you pat them when theyre on the nest. 

Getting ducks is the best choice! Ducks are the best!

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