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Could this be Coryza or something else? She started all the symptoms of Coryza 5 days ago. We gave her Tylan 50 for 3 days and she seemed to be getting better, but this keeps getting worse each day. It was just one eye, but now both are closed shut. Thanks for any response.
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Do you live in a tropical climate with mosquitoes out now? Have you seen any fowl pox scabs around her face? Mycoplasma (MG) and coryza are 2 of the bacterial respiratory infections, and both can cause sinus swelling of the face and conjunctivitis around the eyes. Does she have a bad odor that is typical of coryza? Secondary infections can make respiratory diseases worse.  Tylan is supposed to be food for MG, and can be used with Sulfadimethoxine or Sulmet to treat coryza. Both are chronic diseases that can reappear with stress, and can make carriers of the flock for life. I would want to get the bird tested to know what she has.

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Thanks for the response. Yes we do have mosquitoes it has also been raining a lot. We used a warm rag and opened her eyes and white mucus came out. One eye seems to be better, she opens it, but the other started bleeding so we left it alone. We have her in a cage in the garge, and I have started the tylan again.
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Fowl pox near the eyes can cause eye infections that can be serious. I would keep the pus cleaned out of the eyes by flushing with saline or Vetericyn eye wash. Vetericyn also makes an eye gel that can be used, or you can use Terramycin eye ointment in the eye twice a day.

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[URL]http://thank you so much. we will keep working on it. she doesnt seem to have any other visiable signs that would suggest fowl box, although I know its still a possibility. All of her sysmtoms suggested coryza. Day one she had a hard time breathing, a rattling sound when she would try to breathe, watery clear bubbles in the corner of her eye,then swelling, sneezing, and the smell. Most of thoes sysmtoms have gotten better other than the eyes and still some rattling when she breaths. the tylan 50 seems to help maybe i just didnt give it to her long enough. Also, I noticed the other bird seems to be getting protective over her. She will scream if I take her and she sits in front of her if she sees me getting close. This seemed odd to be because I read if they are sick the other birds will bully them. [/URL]
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Tylan can be given 3-5 days. Sulmet or Sulfadimethoxine (Dimethox) are used for coryza in the water if you don't see improvement. Good luck.

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