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However, resting on top of the run will be several accessible chicken houses, each equipped with a few nesting boxes, a window, a door, a perch, etc. in the middle of the run, I'd like to build a larger "food hut". I'll equip this eating area with a (temperature controlled) watering system and chicken feed. But my question is... Will the chickens know where to gather for eating and drinking vs, where they can retreat for sleep/egg laying?

My thinking behind this design is to be able to still design several little houses while not having to rig each with its own water heater and feeder
So, you're going to have one feeding area, and then multiple sleeping / laying modules? I'm sure they'll figure it out. Our run is smallish (6'x20'), and the coop and the feeding area are on different levels. They're close, but not visible to each other. The laying area hasn't been used yet, but they know where it is and that it's a dark, still place with an entrance that can only be seen by a chicken standing right next to it. It's in the corner of the run, quite far away from the coop and about five feet from the feeding area.

If they're going to be kept enclosed most of the time, they'll have time to explore the space thoroughly. If you make each area attractive only for its intended purpose, they will (probably!) use it as intended.