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recycling sand

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The sand in which the quail bathe. Can it be recycled? If so, how?

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I made a sieve out of some 1/4 hardware cloth than another out of 1/8 inch. best way to do it is with 1 or 2 gallon buckets Cut the bottoms out then take a torch (not flashlight) (like one of those once from the welding section of home depot/Lowe's) slowly melt the bottom edge and press the hardware cloth into the molten plastic.


once you get about 2 inches of metal embedded into the bottom of the bucket. Slowly heat the hardware cloth up and press the rest into the buckets. It's pretty easy, I use the same buckets for gold panning way cheaper than paying for premade ones.

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Another thing is it should only take you 5 minutes per I made one from a 5 gallon bucket but it just holds to much dirt, and during the summer I just use soil from my garden to sift and give it to the birds, that way they get some bugs and whatever else they find. After they have thrown it all over the ground I just put it back into the garden and it gets a full circle rotation :)

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How much sand?  They method for recycling it is different depending upon how much you are talking about.  If it's a small amount, you can just screen it, and then rinse it in batches in 5-gallon buckets.  If it's a lot, you may want to employ a different system.  


I recycle sand for all our various animals that use it.  I screen it, then I rinse it multiple times in a bucket until the water runs clear.  Then, I dry it on a tarp in the sun.  But it can get rather time-consuming.  It gets easier once you've done it a few times, and it's mostly waiting, but it is a pain, and each step involves heavy lifting, since sand is not light weight.  But it saves a lot of money, and allows you to use the fertilizer  in the garden (or dump it in your compost.)

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Sorry for the late reply.


Both methods are great in theory. It is true it seems time consuming. I think it might be easier to just go to the local beach and steal some more sand xD

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