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I took in a rescue rooster (of sorts). Seems to be about a year old BCM. He came with a heavy lice infestation, feather loss, and pecking injuries. I've had him for three weeks (separated from the flock of course) and have dusted him weekly with garden and poultry dust. His skin is healed, he has feathers growing back, and there are no signs of adult bugs. He still has a number of feathers around his neck with eggs attached. What do I do about the eggs? I figured everyone would be hatched and killed off after three treatments. Advice please? 

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Have you changed the bedding and treated for any lice where he is kept? I have seen others say here that they have used coconut oil on the lice eggs, and they will come off.

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Yes. The coop is very clean. It was uninhabited for months before his arrival. Cleaned and dusted weekly along with him. Perhaps removing the eggs is the way to go. I've never dealt with a case this bad before. 

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Yup, I'd remove the eggs. Good ol vinegar can kinda dissolve the "glue" that holds them on without the mess of oils, but you will need to comb or pick. Of course, then you roo will smell like a pickle....
Hope it goes well for him, sounds like he is in a much better place!
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