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Still only the one little lone chick that's hatched. No more pips as of yet. I have 2 more eggs in there. The chick seems to be drying very slowly. I was tempted to put him/her into another spare incubator that was "dry" to dry off. But, on the other hand, I just received in the mail 10 cuckoo maran eggs  a few days ago. This will be my last try before spring. There is a poultry show in town this weekend, so if no more pips in the morning, I will buy another chick (or two) for this little one to have for some company. One of my little one's feet is turned in (his toes)... I found a really good article about making a little "chick sandal" for it to straighten out the turned in toes. With time, his/her little toes have seemed to be straightened out some on their own, so I'm hoping maybe this won't be necessary at all... But, in any case, I ordered some VetRap to use for a sandal if I need to. 

 This is so stressful (and exciting!)  I have been checking on the baby every 5 minutes all day long...  and at the same time hoping for another pip from another of the 2 eggs that's left. I'm on day 21. Tomorrow at 2pm will be a full 22 days (not counting first day of course). Oh how I hope to wake up to another chick hatching in the morning!