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5 day old chick touuble walking

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I have a 5 day old chick that cant seem to get its feet under itself. When standing the back half sags making it difficult to walk. She gets knocked over and has difficulty righting herself. There is no visible injury. Hard to know if it came out like this or got trampled by the 16 other hatch mates or the Mama. Is there anything I can do to help this little one out?  She hatched unassisted on 11/28 or 29. 

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Can you keep her separate until she gets stronger/better?
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Yes in the morning i will move her to a small cage. The only issue is she chirps very loudly when she cant get to mama.
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Hows the chick?
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Doing much better is standing normal. I think she had a mild case of sprad leg. Should be back with the group in a day or 2.
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