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Thanks for the advise. I will work on increasing the size of the run.
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I have 3 birds and at first 2 of them pecked 1 Mabel almost to death. So I separated her from the other 2 I had to make a small enclosure as she was hurt very badly. She survived I eventually let them roam together but at night housed her separately. I changed their food to a higher protien food expanded their pen greatly gave them treats used Vicks Rub when that didn't work bought peck no more that worked for about a day.. The main pecker Alice has beautiful feathers Hazel and Mabel are now affectionally called pink butt 1 and 2😊 It's a very hard habit of stopping once started. I have been told if I had a rooster that would shape Alice up don't know if it's true but I can't have a rooster in town. I was going to give Alice to a rescue since she is the main pecker but after I gave the more room and let them free range during the day she settled down some. My vet said once this behavior starts its very hard to stop.. Like the response above said put other roosts and obstacles it does help a little!! Good luck❤️🐓❤️🐓❤️
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