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Nasal discharge

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Hi, I got a couple of new brahmas a couple of days ago. 15 weeks old.

I thought one had a scab on its nose yesterday, but today the nostril was completely covered. I was able to flick it off and realised it was a bit of dried discharge.

Is discharge always bad? Could stress bring it on? It's 30c + here today (Australia) and I'm wondering if it's a bit too much with moving in to the new place etc.
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it could be something or nothing. I'd give them vitamins / electrolytes in their water and keep an eye on them. And yes, since they are new to your place, it will be a stressful time for them. 



If it gets worse, or progresses to additional symptoms then i'd look through the threads on respiratory illnesses for suggested treatments. Its far from straightforward to diagnose respiratory illnesses and some members support the use of antibiotics, others don't (they will only work if the problem is bacterial, but do help fend off secondary illnesses).


All the best


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Thanks CTKen

They otherwise seem fine so I think it's stress. Will keep an eye on her.
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You are most welcome!



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