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Feet of my roo looking red..

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Hello you fabulous chicken lovers of BYC,
During my weekend cleaning I found that my roo's feet are a little more red than normal (he has black feet). It has been raining non-stop for three days here in Florida and everything outside is drenched. He doesn't seem to be bothered and is walking/scratching/eating like a champ. I just worry that it might lead to other issues. I put down a thick layer of dry pine shavings. To give them something really dry to walk on. Anything else I can do to help? I'm trying to be proactive so it doesn't result in bumblefoot or anything like that.

Thanks in advance. You are wonderful people.
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A picture would be helpful, but if there are absolutely no other symptoms or issues I'd guess it's normal.

Roo legs and feet can vary in redness due to hormonal level changes.

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Very hard to tell in the pictures.  I could be scaly leg mites.  Search for some pictures of that here, and google it, see if any pictures resemble what you see up close.  Treatment for that is pretty simple, so if in doubt I'd go ahead and treat for that and see if it helps.  Lots of suggestions for treating that on this forum.  I use the epsom salt soak and then castor oil or petroleum jelly. 

It also could be nothing, just normal red roo feet.  If he's not having any problems and it doesn't look like mites, I'd just keep an eye on it. 

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