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Lost a roo? Any ideas? .

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We are very sad to have found our roo dead in the coop this morning on his back, he showed no sign of illness prior just some feathers missing off his neck the last few weeks.I checked to see if there was any might but no sign to to me unless I am missing something, one of the hens not all have missing feathers on neck but they are going back in.I thought the missing feathers was do to the rooster taking a very much liking of her.Poor guy was just feet up and so stiff,last night he was fine,so sad.
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I'm so sorry. sad.png is it possible he got bit by a predator?
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Sounds like flip/flipover, especially because of the position he was found in (flipped onto his back).  Flip is often an undiagnosed heart condition that strikes without warning.  It is so common in birds (specifically roos) that it has its own name, so it happens with regularity.


I am sorry for your loss.

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