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Help! Injury or disease

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Trying to post this for the second time, so it will be short. Here's a pic

Seems to be acting ok. But I did separate her from the rest. Do you think our vet would know? He's only seen our dogs...
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Did she get attacked by one of the other chickens or a predator? I would use Vetericyn, chlorhexidrene, or weak betadine to clean the wounds. If you separate her, you could use some plain Neosporin ointment on his scab. If you have BluKote, you could also use that so that the other chickens won't peck at her wound. Make sure that she is not being bullied, and if so, separate him until he heals. Is she alert and getting around okay?

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I'm not sure what happened, I'm not out there a ton to watch. Can I get what you suggested at our feed store or is that from a doctor?
She is alert and walking around. I separated her already because I didn't know if she was getting bullied. She is the oldest and largest hen we have but we do have a rooster.
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Vetericyn and BluKote are sold at farm stores and pet stores, while betadine and chlorhexidene are sold at Walmart and pharmacies.

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Thanks so much! i'm assuming those will heal the wound. Does anyone know how I can prevent this in the future or is it just the nature of animals?

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That could be an injury from the rooster, since they can hold on around the neck when they are trying to mate. You may want to dull his spurs if the are sharp, and separate him if he is a little too aggressive toward the hens. She needs to remain part of the flock to prevent you from having to reintroduce her, so placing her in a pen or cage inside the coop with food and water would allow her to be around them, but not be injured.
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I don't have a way to keep her outdoors near the others without fear of a predator getting her at night, the only separate cage I have is too big to put in the coop. What do you mean reintroduce?
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How do I dull his Spurs? That's the beak? I'm so new to this.
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When you separate a chicken from the flock for more than a few days, they tend to forget one another, and may peck the returning chicken or hurt her. If she is young or recuses the rooster's advances to mate, he may be hurting her. You can use a file to dull his spurs if they are sharp. Everyone's setup is different, but it is nice to have room in the coop for a hospital cage. You could also let her come out every day for an hour or so in the late afternoon to free range with the others, so they will remember her. With a little BluKote her wound may not attract any pecking, and she may be able to go back with them. Young roosters can be a pain when they are starting to mate. If he is a problem, then he is the one I would separate.

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Also, Randall Burkey Co., online, sells most every chicken medication you might need. He has a very good inventory. Also, books on chicken health care, and all sorts of equipment. Does not sell chicks.
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