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Ok i know its not a exactly a profit but i planned on keeping chickens regardless so this just helps with the feed cost which i firgured to be .03 cents a day per bird and if all twenty are layiny. Which right now we about to have 14 laying so i am not really concerned about it but i have a friend who has a family of seven now and i offered her a price of a 1.00 a dozen if they bring a egg carton and if not the 1.70 a dozen since the price of the egg carton. She said she take a dozen a week starting in janurary i am so excited!!! I an charging .08 cents an egg or .14 cents an egg if i supply the egg carton. I know it only four dollars a month with one customer but hey its four dollars we didnt have. Our feed is 11.99 per bag i buy two bags that last a month so i figured its a good price and then i dont have to try to store the eggs in my fridge lol. I am just excited about having someone help me eat them mostly lol. We have 4.5 dozen in my fridge right now and i am running out of room. I know i could charge more but they friends and the eggs would just go to waste i also i have my mom taking eggs but she lives two hours away so she rarely gets eggs. His dad rarely wants eggs so there that as well. Plus this way keeps my husband happy and keeps me happy cause i helping her out at the same time with five girls i cant imagine how many eggs they go through. Of course this means i have to start washing the eggs but who cares right!!
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I HAVE ANOTHER CUSTOMER 😄😄😄😍😍 I AM HAVING TO MUCH FUN NOW LOL. I might need more chickens 😁😁😁
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You'd be surprised what people are willing to pay for farm fresh eggs. My customers here in southern Colorado pay me from $3 to $6 per dozen and everyone saves egg cartons. (So much that I have a couple hundred stored under the house)


The reasons people give me for wanting my eggs are safety, knowing my birds are disease free, freshness, appearance (multi-colored), and they are happy knowing they aren't contributing to factory chicken mistreatment. I also deliver within reason.


Yes, it's exciting knowing you have a product people want, and also that your girls are earning their keep! Welcome to the club!

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Yes more chickens. . Always more. I have 20 and am hatching out 17 come spring and buying 36 more. Oh plus 50 meaties for the freezer. Always more . They are great therapy and it helps provide good, healthy eggs to the community. Too many people eating store bought eggs. SELL SELL SELL. Small business needs to come back. If you have the space you could also do meaties and sell those to your friend with the 5 girls. I have 5 kids so trust me they eat a lot.
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Lol yeah we keep debating on doing meat birds we havent decided quite yet. And i am really not in it for the money at all. I enjoy the chickens and i love having so many so this just adds to the fun. I know that my friend cant afford 6 dollars a dozen only her husband works as she a stay at home mom that does home schooling as well so i know their money is tight and if i sale to one person for a price i plan on doing the same to others. The moment i do sale for buisness i wont enjoy it i know that i am more in to doing something for the fun of it. Just like when i garden all the extra i give away. If its to much for us i know others can enjoy it.
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That's the old school idea of small business. Do it to be happy and break even. I sell only to friends and only charge enough to feed the flock. I sell for $2.50 to one guy but that's only because he refused to pay less. His family is not hurting for money. We plan on doing meat for us and 2-3 people but not so much for profit as the enjoyment of knowing they are eating healthier and spending less. While going against big poultry companies. If more people sell to 3-4 people eventually big business will suffer.
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