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26 week old hens

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I've got a group of six hens that one of my hens raised up back in the spring. They turned 26 weeks old this past weekend. I free range them starting at around 7:00 am each morning and these six hens leave the coop area and don't usually return until evening feed/go to bed time. Starting this morning I'm going to leave them locked in the coop for a few days to see if they lay inside the coop or run. My older hens faithfully lay in the nesting boxes but I'm thinking that these (assuming they have started laying) are probably laying "somewhere in the 5 or so acres that they free range on. I believe this is a good tactic as this is how I trained my older ones to lay in the boxes. What are y'alls experiences? They are almost full breed (3) Australorps and yellow (3) buff orpington/australorp cross if that helps........shouldn't these two breeds be laying by now? I have a timed light that comes on very early so they're getting the required light.


Thanks, Charlie 

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I wonder if it's the time of year that our pullets are maturing slower, but I have some 25 and 27week olds that aren't laying yet. If yours are laying, your plan should work. But they might just be delayed due to the time of year. Good luck!

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Thanks Holly, I left them in the run all day today and no eggs from them. I'll leave them in again tomorrow and if no eggs I'll wait a week or so and lock them up again. They absolutely hate being in the run. Once a free range chicken always one I guess.

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