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Pox or Pecks?

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Hello. My chickens are about 10 months old. I noticed this past week one of them has black scabs (I think) on her comb. She has been broody so I thought it was maybe pecks from little scuffles with the other chickens. I'm worried now it's fowl pox but I'm a newer chicken owner and not sure. She's a buff. I have three other chickens; another buff, sex link, and barred rock. Her nutrition hasn't been great lately because of being broody. I take her out of the nesting box at various times throughout the day and make her graze and eat. She seems ok other than being grumpy from being broody. Also, her comb in general is not as big and formed as the other three. I'm going to try and find a doctor to take her to. Thanks, any info helps! 





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Not pox. Pox begin as pimple-like warts, then crust over. These are simply scabs. ---Come join us! 

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Reply ---Come join us! 

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